Feedback : An Important Tools To Help Us Improve

Feedback can be translated as a tool that will help people to evaluate themselves and improve. While it may not be always easy to deal with criticism but most of them will give us a chance to take a look for a room to develop.
Let’s imagine there are two basketball players, named Budi and Joko. They both have just started and have a different methods of practicing.

image1: basketball practice

Who do you think will excel after several months of practice? Budi or Joko? Of course, Budi will outperform Joko as he gets the feedback while practicing and he can fix what is wrong. For instance, his shooting method, his speed in dribbling, and so forth. On the other hand, Joko may practice in the same quantity but as he does not receive any feedback he may not know what has been wrong and what is needed to improve to excel. That is why Feedback has a significant influence!

a year ago, I met my long-lost teacher and have a discussion. I told him about my current thoughts and basically, I do not have any certain direction for my life in the future, even though I realize that I want to succeed (just have not figured out the way). Well, at that time, he gave me several options and feedback on my current habit. Take the habit of the reading book as an example. I used to read a lot of books cause I do love reading. However, most of the genre is about self-development. Well, it may not be wrong but he advised me to take more time to deal with technical books (instead of being a generalist it is preferable to be a specialist). From that, I started to realize that I have too much on my plate, due to I have many different interests at that moment such as analyzing the stock market, UI/UX, and data. As have been reminded, I reflected back and decided to be specialized in one sector, and yes, ends up in data cause I see there is room for growth, the market needs the talent, and I like data-driven decision making (tryin to call it IKIGAI).

Moreover, from that meeting, I really started to dive deep into myself, learning more about myself, and better planning for my future. In addition, I also realize that the way I see the world is too small in scope.




Final year accounting student passionate in financing worlds.

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Final year accounting student passionate in financing worlds.

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